We are a brand new job finding app, utilizing swiping technology. We are here to help tie you to your next job!





We use a variety of filters from desired location to your core values to help you find your dream job. This not only insures its a job that's good for you, but also helps to make sure you will fit in well at the workplace. In the app you can utilize the criteria to make it a perfect fit for you.

Swipe & Chat

We Utilize a swiping feature for you to either apply or pass on a job in your feed. After you've applied the employer receives your profile with all the information you've provided and will send you a message where you can then start to chat with them.



Web App

The web app is for businesses that are posting jobs, you can get to it by clicking on the sign in button on the home page. You will be able to see jobs posted, edit them, and see who has applied.




After going through websites trying to find myself an internship for the summer, I realized how tedious the application process is. I sent many emails with my resume, answering company specific questions, and I knew there had to be an easier way, so I created JobTie.


We are a job finding app to help you find your next job, or even your dream job. We have job listings from full time to internships. Unlike competitors who just use a simple job title to show you jobs we make sure you'll be the right fit with our special filters.